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Why true college fans want realignment to end
If college football ends up being dominated by two superconferences, that might be great for business, but it would decimate much of what makes the sport special.

Grambling State fires volleyball coach who cut every member of team, revoked schoolarships
Grambling State University announced Tuesday the termination of of volleyball coach Chelsey Lucas after internal investigation.

More USC & UCLA fallout: Notre Dame's plan, options for the Pac-12 & Big 12
Notre Dame to the SEC? ACC? Big 12? What is the one way the Pac-12 can survive? Dan Wetzel and SI's Pat Forde spoke to the power brokers in college football over the weekend and give you the latest on conference realignment. What is the very next move? We also have two wild stories to cap the podcast... one involving a Florida man spending time in jail for murdering a neighbor's chicken.

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