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Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines
Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines

Trump Proud Boys remark echoes Charlottesville
President Donald Trump on Wednesday tried to walk back his refusal to outright condemn a far right fascist group during his debate with Democrat Joe Biden, but the inflammatory moment was far from the first time the president has failed to denounce white supremacists or has advanced racist ideas. Trump's initial refusal to criticize the Proud Boys — instead saying the group should “stand back and stand by” — drew fierce blowback before he altered his message in a day-later effort to quell the firestorm. The new flareup over Trump's messaging on race was playing out just weeks before the election, leaving the president to play defense on yet another issue when he’s already facing criticism of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and under new scrutiny over his taxes.

Trump set to miss required deadline for 2021 refugee quota
President Donald Trump appears to be ignoring a deadline to establish how many refugees will be allowed into the United States next year, raising uncertainty about the future of the 40-year-old resettlement program that has been dwindling under his administration. With only hours to go Wednesday, the Trump administration had not scheduled consultations with Congress that are required before setting the annual figure. There was no immediate comment from the White House, which usually announces the target numbers, or the departments of State or Homeland Security, which are involved in making the determination.

6 missiles intercepted targeting airport in northern Iraq

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It might be time to reopen the GOAT debate
To many, Michael Jordan's status is secure as the greatest player of all time. But these NBA Finals give LeBron James a chance to make his case even more compelling.

Bill Belichick exposed Derek Carr’s weakness with a hilarious defensive strategy
Belichick takes away what an offense does best. With Carr, that made for a funny schematic wrinkle.

Michael Lombardi: Ron Rivera will 'lose his team' if he keeps Dwayne Haskins at QB
NFL analyst Michael Lombardi believes Washington head coach Ron Rivera will lose respect from his players if he doesn't move on from Dwayne Haskins.

Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines
Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines

Fact check: No, Wisconsin votes don’t have to be counted by 8 p.m. on Nov. 3
This post is utterly fabricated, as a federal judge recently ruled the opposite, extending the counting time period for a week past the election.

After brain-eating amoeba killed 6-year-old boy, it could take months to clean Texas city's water
Authorities in Lake Jackson said the city's boil advisory will be in effect for a few more weeks, then chlorine will be pumped through the system.

Micron Remains a Solid Long-Term Play, Says 5-Star Analyst
Shares of Memory chip specialist Micron (MU) trended downwards on Wednesday following the release of the company’s FQ4 results.Micron reported revenue of $6.06 billion, a 24% year-over-year increase and coming in ahead of the estimates by $170 million. Non-GAAP (adjusted) net profit almost doubled from the same quarter last year to clock in just under $1.23 billion, resulting in Non-GAAP EPS of $1.08, above consensus estimates by $0.11.So far, so good. What investors did not like, however, was Micron’s forecast of what’s to come next. For the November quarter, Micron anticipates revenue of $5.2 billion, just under consensus calls for $5.3 billion, while the company’s forecast for non-GAAP EPS of $0.47 at the mid-point is also well below the Street’s $0.68 estimate.Soft near-term gross margins on heightened NAND mix and several DRAM ramps along with the loss of Huawei revenue (which amounted to almost 10% of sales in the quarter) are weighing heavily on investors’ minds. Micron expects the impact of halted shipments to the Chinese telecom giant to be offset by the close of F2Q21.Despite Wall Street’s lukewarm reception, Rosenblatt analyst Hans Mosemann calls the November quarter guide “mixed but better than feared.”While the short-term outlook is weakened by reduced enterprise demand, lower IT spending and certain customers’ higher inventories, the 5-star analyst remains bullish on Micron’s long-term prospects.Mosesmann commented, “Looking into Micron's end markets, the company has started to see certain end market recoveries, including Smartphones, Automotive, and Consumer. Cloud and Notebook demand continues to be healthy, on the heels of work from home and shop from home trends, as well as Gaming demand... We think the setup for Micron for investors looking into 2021/22 is for a memory cycle driven by traditional S/D dynamics, Micron’s new DRAM 1Z and 1- alpha ramps, and 2nd generation RG NAND ramps.”Overall, Mosesmann reiterates a Buy rating on MU shares along with a $100 price target. Investors are looking at returns of a strong 113%, should Mosesmann’s thesis play out over the coming months. (To watch Mosesmann’s track record, click here)Mosesmann is Wall Street’s most prominent Micron bull, but how does the memory giant fare amongst his colleagues? Based on 14 Buys, 4 Holds and 1 Sell, the stock has a Moderate Buy consensus rating. There’s possible upside of 29%, should the $60.78 average price target be met over the next 12 months. (See Micron stock analysis on TipRanks)To find good ideas for tech stocks trading at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks’ Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that unites all of TipRanks’ equity insights.Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the featured analyst. The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines
Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines

Trump Planned to Go Feral on Biden. Now His Allies Want to Call Animal Control
Since he first sought the Oval Office, President Donald Trump has relished in the idea that he is the “chaos president.” During his first debate with former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday night, he distilled his past five years in the political spotlight into the most highly concentrated dose of chaos of his presidency.Trump, backed into an electoral corner with more than 200,000 dead from the coronavirus pandemic and an economy in shambles as a result, lashed out in every direction on the debate stage at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio. It was a petulant performance of personal and political grievance stunning even by Trumpian standards.According to advisers close to the president, the act was not purely impulsive, but strategic—born out of a strategy that sought to confuse and confound Biden with the ultimate goal of getting the former vice president to stumble and lose his train of thought.But in the aftermath of the carnage, even some of the president’s own boosters couldn’t help but concede that he had spent an hour and a half acting like a feral animal.“I think on the Trump side, it was too hot,” former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who had done debate prep with Trump leading up to Tuesday, said on ABC. “Listen, you come in and decide you want to be aggressive and that was the right thing, to be aggressive. But that was too hot.”Reached for comment late Tuesday night, Ed Rollins, a veteran GOP strategist who fronts the pro-Trump group Great America PAC, simply responded, “Wow. I have seen nothing like this ever. Don’t want to comment any further.” Asked if the president did a good job or not, Rollins would only reply, “No comment.”The president, famously intransigent about traditional debate preparation and visibly antsy behind the lectern, barely allowed a single sentence before trampling over the speaker, whether it was spoken by Biden or from beleaguered moderator Chris Wallace, who appeared nearly incapable of halting the president’s trampling of the debate format. When Trump did speak, the utterances bounced between the incendiary to outright assaults on the American political system. He closed out by saying he believed the Supreme Court would intervene in the election (on ballot-related issues) and urged his supporters to go into polling locations in thinly veiled intimidation tactics.Trump Says He’s ‘Counting’ on Supreme Court to Decide ElectionBiden, whose weeks of preparation were clearly modeled on at least some version of the president’s burn-it-all-down debate strategy, had multiple canned rejoinders to Wallace’s attempts to corral Trump’s tirades—he employed some version of “he doesn’t know how to do that” multiple times when Trump was asked to allow him to finish his remarks. But in the words of CNN reporter Dana Bash moments after the debate’s conclusion, Biden could not extricate himself—much less elevate—the “shitshow.”Beyond the supposed format of the debate, with two minutes of uninterrupted (dare to dream) remarks followed by open discussion, the minimal standards of adult behavior in the Trump era were thrown out of the window almost from its outset.As Biden discussed the death of his eldest son, Beau, an Iraq War veteran who died from brain cancer in 2015, Trump interrupted to harangue Hunter Biden, the former vice president’s younger son, attacking him for his past addiction issues.“Hunter got thrown out of the military, dishonorably discharged,” Trump said, incorrectly, as Biden and Wallace both appeared stunned that the president made his son’s struggles with substance abuse a topic of debate.“My son, like a lot of people, had a drug problem,” Biden responded. “He’s overtaken it, he’s fixed it… and I’m proud of him.”Biden, clearly operating under no false assumption that Trump would obey the rules of the debate, of decorum, or of human decency, often responded to Trump’s interruptions with his trademark “this guy’s such a clown” grin. But as the night wore on, and as Trump’s attacks on Biden’s mental fitness and his family increased in both frequency and savagery, his smile became a grimace, and finally a scowl.“Would you shut up, man?” Biden said at one point. In the debate’s second hour, his eyes shut in clear frustration, Biden fumed that “it’s hard to get any word in with this clown—sorry, this person.” During a spat about racial biases in policing, he turned to Trump and declared him a “racist.”In the Trump administration’s fourth year, it is universally acknowledged that the president will always be himself—he knows no other speed than breakneck, no other mode but attack. But in the midst of the melee, some moments of grievance managed to shock even the most jaded Trump observers.At one point, the president refused to condemn white supremacists, instead calling on Proud Boys—a violent ultranationalist club for hipster racists that takes their name from a cut song from Disney’s Aladdin—to “stand back and stand by” for civil unrest. That moment was almost immediately turned into a rallying cry by the group, which has begun policing Trump campaign events and has vowed to “monitor” polling places on election day. Later in the debate, he appeared to confuse Hillary Clinton’s famous “superpredators” quote with something that Biden had said.During an exchange about the pandemic, Trump interrupted his own rant with a mini-rant gleaned from Fox News about Biden misidentifying his alma mater.“You graduated either the lowest or almost the lowest in your class. Don’t ever use the word ‘smart’ with me,” Trump said. “Because you know what, there’s nothing smart about you, Joe.”As a moderator—working solo due to coronavirus restrictions—Wallace had all the influence of a windsock in such situations.Despite the vast gap between his and Biden’s effective speaking time, Trump avoided directly answering many of the questions, including two that are generally not difficult for American presidents: “Will you condemn white supremacists?” and “Will you accept the results of the election?”“I guess I’m debating you and not him,” Trump said after his first of many tangles with Wallace about interrupting Biden, “but that’s OK.”“Do you realize you're both speaking at the same time?” Wallace said weakly in the debate’s first half-hour. When the debate’s second section, devoted to discussing the coronavirus pandemic, began, Wallace pleaded with the candidates to “try to be serious.”Trump’s entourage, at least, did not see the issue as particularly serious. Despite urgings from the Cleveland Clinic, which advised the Commission on Presidential Debates on health guidance to avoid spreading the coronavirus, that all attendees observe social distancing rules and wear facial coverings due to coronavirus restrictions, more than half of Trump’s guests, including all four of his adult children, did not wear facial coverings.Across Trumpworld and the president’s re-election effort, however, the evening’s shouting and the belligerent cross-talking was, in large part, precisely the point. According to two sources familiar with the president’s preparations, it has long been Trump’s stated intention to try to knock Biden off his game by flooding the debate with personal and family jabs, subject change, and indignant-sounding interruptions. Part of the president’s thinking, the sources said, was to attempt to get the former veep to start faltering on live national TV, thus reinforcing Team Trump’s narrative of a doddering, “sleepy” Democratic opponent.For the most part, it didn’t seem to work on Tuesday night. Some Trump advisers and confidants cheering on the president as the debate aired resorted to making the Fox News host and moderator the primary object of derision, instead of Barack Obama’s vice president.“Wallace is Trump’s real adversary. Biden is a mumbling footnote,” Rudy Giuliani, a Trump attorney and lead Biden antagonist who the president brought along to Cleveland Tuesday, messaged The Daily Beast as he watched the debate. “Look how aggressive Wallace is with Trump. And he’s beating Wallace, Biden’s kind of disappearing. Trump is in command of both and Wallace is more effective than Biden.”John McLaughlin, a top pollster for Trump, also seemed eager to work the refs and make the Fox News Sunday host the villain, saying shortly after the debate ended that the “president dominated. Wallace was [the] loser. Biden got away with calling the President a liar and clown and Wallace asked Trump about taxes but never asked Biden about Hunter and family corruption.”The Trump campaign, apparently so confident of the president’s victory in Tuesday night’s debate that the debate itself was irrelevant to that conclusion, blasted an email to Trump supporters forty minutes before the debate began lauding the president’s performance.“I showed the American People that I will ALWAYS fight to put America First no matter what,” the Trump-signed email read.Still, not every Trump ally and operative was pleased with how the leader of the free world handled himself, arguing that the president was too grumpy, to the detriment of his strategy to humiliate or trip-up his liberal opponent.“They both yelled too much and were too angry,” one Republican close to the Trump campaign told The Daily Beast shortly before midnight. “Biden’s entire theory of the case and pitch to voters is his calmness and a return to normalcy and I think he undermined that pitch with this performance. On the other hand, while Biden was clearly struggling throughout, every time he began to fumble the football, Trump would throw him a lifeline and interrupt him before the fumble was completed. It wasn’t a debate that either side should be proud of.”Near the end of the televised event, Trump implied ominously that the violence and tumult in American streets, and the deep divisions in the nation, that were discussed at the debate were just a sample of what was to come on and after Election Day.“This is not going to end well,” Trump vowed. “This is not going to end well.”Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

Singapore Airlines is turning a parked A380 superjumbo jet into a restaurant to cater to a travel-hungry population
Singapore Airlines' fleet of Airbus A380s is now turning into a tourist attraction as the pandemic has rendered the long-range jets obsolete.

Mitch McConnell ‘refusing to debate his election rival if there is a female moderator’
‘He continues to resist allowing women to host debates,’ said McConnell’s opponent in the Kentucky Senate race

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