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Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines
Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines

Why an Argentine leader seeks to break the pull of populism
Young Andrés Watle has only been around for about three decades – and yet that’s long enough to have known the economic ups and downs of Argentina’s legendary populist governance. “It seems great when you’re living the good times of el populismo, with services practically given away and a feeling that we’re a wealthy country,” says Mr. Watle, a Buenos Aires travel agent. Breaking the pattern of the boom-and-bust economic cycles that have defined Argentina’s economy for decades was a central objective of Argentine President Mauricio Macri when he took office in 2015.

The ballot broker: North Carolina race puts face on electoral fraud
A country still dealing with potential election interference by foreign agents is now facing a home-grown scandal: credible and bipartisan allegations that a small-town operator in rural North Carolina used illicit means to swing a 905-vote win for a Republican House candidate. A bipartisan elections board in North Carolina unanimously declined to certify the Ninth District election last week after “unfortunate activities,” in the words of the board’s vice chair – apparent mass-manipulation of absentee ballots – came to light. Affidavits suggest that Republican officials shared early voting data with partisans while withholding that information from Democrats.

Putin’s praise of a truth-telling dissident
An object of investigation in the West for spreading fake news, Vladimir Putin paid tribute on Tuesday to a man known for truth-telling. The Russian president praised the late Alexander Solzhenitsyn on the centennial of his birth and unveiled a statue honoring the Nobel Prize-winning author. For decades, Solzhenitsyn was a fierce critic of his country.

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Heat of battle: One regret of Wade-LeBron era
LeBron James and Dwyane Wade — who squared off for likely the final time on Monday — had a special partnership, but there was one thing we would have liked to see.

Monday Night Football: Has Jason Witten ruined a US television institution?
Jason Witten has been linked with a return to the Cowboys. The NFL has a multitude of problems: players committing off-the-field violence, the Oakland Raiders in general and, most worrying of all, the growing realization that the game is inherently dangerous to its participants’ long-term health. It was inevitable that there would be some growing pains over at MNF, as the show replaced the entire booth during the offseason.

Kevin Durant on Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan: ‘How do you not say they’re by far better than anybody who’s played the game?’
Kevin Durant has already called Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan the greatest of all-time. Now, the Warriors star is intensifying the rhetoric. Durant, via Shams Charania of The Athletic: But watching Kobe and Mike, I’m like, ‘How do you not realize how good these dudes are?

Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines
Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines

Samsung Q9 Cyber Monday Deals 2018
Looking for 2018's hottest Cyber Monday items? Find Samsung Q9 Cyber Monday deals, and get info on the best selling Cyber Monday items here.

The Boeing-Embraer Deal Is Still on Track After a Wild Week
Embraer's tentative deal to sell 80% of its commercial jet division to Boeing appears to have survived a court challenge in Brazil.

End of an era as ECB set to withdraw crisis-fighting stimulus
A chapter of eurozone history will come to a close Thursday, with the European Central Bank widely expected to withdraw a key element of support for the economy while reassuring observers fearful of the growing risks. The past three years have seen the Frankfurt institution ward off the threat of catastrophic deflation -- a crippling downward spiral of prices and activity -- by buying 2.6 trillion euros ($3.0 trillion) of government and corporate debt. The ECB "should have ended its quantitative easing (QE) programme and its negative interest rate policy a long time ago," the director of the Flossbach von Storch institute in Cologne, Thomas Mayer, told business daily Handelsblatt.

Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines
Yahoo News - Latest News & Headlines

Conservative Columnist Thinks 1 Word In Cohen Memo May Seal Donald Trump’s Fate
One seven-letter word ― "synergy" ― may prove critical in proving the

James Alex Fields Jr. Sentenced To Life In Prison For Murder Of Heather Heyer
Neo-Nazi James Alex Fields Jr. was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison for

Canadian former diplomat detained in China amid tensions
A Canadian former diplomat has been detained in China, the think tank where he now works said Tuesday, amid Beijing's outrage over the arrest of a senior technology executive. The International Crisis Group said it was aware of reports of the detention of Michael Kovrig, a Chinese-speaking expert who served as a Canadian diplomat in Beijing, Hong Kong and at the United Nations. Kovrig went to work last year for the International Crisis Group, which is known for its research on peaceful solutions to global conflicts.

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